Making Simple Lavender Products for Home

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Because lavender is such a popular and safe essential oil, it is easy to make some simple products to use around the home. We already referred to its disinfecting qualities and suggested a few drops in the washing machine for a fresher wash. But how about some personal products?  Choose a high qualilty unscented white lotion. The more natural/organic the make-up of the lotion, the better. Add 20-24 drops of lavender to 2 ounces. Stir and use as a lovely body lotion. It will smell good and be good for your skin as well.

Will My Horse Like It?

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How do I know if my horse likes a particular scent?

You probably know your horse pretty well, and how he or she responds to likes and dislikes. That being said, here are some general suggestions for ‘reading’ your horse’s response:


Leans into

Ears forward and appears interested and engaged

Sniffing, licking, raising head and curling lip


Leans or backs or pulls away from

Ears back and turning from

Some horses appear to give no response, so are neutral about the scent.


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Question:  How do I know if my horse will love Lavender too?  It seems to be a safe, relaxing, choice with a delightful scent.

Answer:  You won’t really know until you offer it to your horse to either accept or reject. There are different schools of thought, but I prefer the one in which the horse makes a choice. Horses are particularly sensitive (have you noticed?) Most horses do in fact favor lavender, but not all.

Question: How do I offer it to my horse?

Answer: Hold a bottle of high lavender essential oil quality oil in your hand. Make sure it is buried within your hand in such a way that the horse cannot grab it with his mouth. Slowly move the bottle in the horse’s direction and watch his response. It is best if someone is holding him, as you don’t want him pulling back if he is tied. If he likes it and lets you know, then make it an ingredient of his blend, or make it the only oil his blend. Be sure to dilute it in a carrier oil. Although lavender can be used neat (undiluted), in some cases, it is always more prudent to dilute it before applying, particularly for pets.

Be aware that…

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Be aware that not all scents that you would like to have in an essential oil blend are going to be available. Some scents listed on body and other products are synthetic copies of the scent of naturally occuring flowers or plants, but are not actually taken from those plants. As a result, while the scent may be pleasing, the inherent characteristics and benefits of the plant or flower are just not there. Essential oils are taken directly from the plant, and thus contain the energy and therapeutic attributes that nature built into that plant for us to use and enjoy.

More on Lavender

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Lavender has been a favorite scent for anything from bath water to potourris, oils, sachets, bath salts, colognes and perfumes for literally thousands of years. It was used as far back as the Romans in connection with their baths, and its popularity spread throughout Europe thereafter. Because lavender deters moths in addition to smelling so good, it has traditionally been used in the linen closet and in clothing drawers.

Lavender is known for its calming effect, and makes for a relaxing bath at bedtime. It is helpful when used on various skin conditions, including eczema and acne. It is among the safest of the essential oils, and is regarded as one of the most, if not the most, versatile.

How Safe Is It?

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Just how safe is the use of aromatherapy? The quick answer is that it is as safe as the oils that are used, assuming they are correctly diluted and are used according to the instructions for the purpose at hand. While there is a great deal more to the answer, the most important factor is the quality of the oils.

So, what we are…

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So, what we are discovering is that aromatherapy can be a shared experience among ourselves, our dogs, and our horses. As the humans, we can enjoy lavender in our personal and skin care products, in oils for scenting ourselves, in baths, and in  air fresheners and diffusers. But, we can also share the enjoyment that we appreciate with our closest four-legged friends.

Don’t Forget the Pets!

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And while we’re talking about our dogs and how much they enjoy Lavender and other forms of aromatherapy, don’t forget your horse!

You may not bring your horse into your house on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean he or she can’t enjoy aromatherapy too! Some horses have very specific opinions about which oils they love and which are not their favorite, so be prepared to offer several options in order to find the favored scent.

But what if…

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But what if I have a dog? Yes, you can safely use a diffuser with dogs in the house. In fact, dogs can both enjoy and benefit from essential oils if used either in a diffuser or directly on the dog in correct dilution. If you have other small animals in addition to the dog, consider enjoying aromatherapy in other ways than through diffusion.

And how about…

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diffusing lavender into the air to create a wonderfully scented environment that also has a calming effect? There are many diffusers available on the market. Look for one that is quiet, and that uses little or no heat (heating diminishes the oil’s benefits). (Caution: it may not be safe to diffuse essential oils around cats and other small animals.)

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