Consulting with Adrienne Herman, Carmel Dog Therapist

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My husband and I had the pleasure a couple of weeks ago of using the services of Carmel Dog Therapist Adrienne Herman. Adrienne has a beautiful office in downtown Carmel, but also makes house calls and works remotely by phone. I called her on short notice, because our nine year old “shepherd mix” Duke was suddenly behaving strangely and exhibiting some emotional distress. He had been very stable for the better part of the past six years since we adopted him from the Monterey County SPCA, so we were quite concerned to see him behaving in ways that had disappeared long ago. We did not know if there was an underlying physical condition, or not.

Adrienne’s work  includes dog communication, muscle testing, hands-on energy work, herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy, sound therapy, and, when appropriate, referrals to other dog professionals. She and I collaborate when a pet needs aromatherapy, and have had some great successes incorporating essential oil blends into her treatments. But, I had not been able to observe her work first-hand due to the confidentiality her services require.

The first thing that struck me was the calm that she was able to transmit to Duke, and his immediate affection for her (this was the first time they had met.) As she worked on him, she was able to determine that he did have a minor physical injury that was bothering him. He was able to communicate to her about his background before we adopted him, and his exact age. The information he shared explained a great deal about his past and current behaviors. He also seemed relieved after sharing the information, as though unburdened. By the end of the session, he was completely relaxed and content. Adrienne suggested some very specific treatments for him, which we immediately implemented. We were rewarded when, within just a few days, his physical discomfort was relieved, and he was completely back to what we now consider his “wellness baseline.” We feel very grateful to have Adrienne’s expertise available to us, and look forward to finding out our other dog ( Nickie’s) story, next month.

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