The Heart Connection

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Roses have been associated with the heart for hundreds of years. Aromatherapy helps us to understand the link between the effect of rose on our emotions and popular culture’s association of (red) roses with the heart and with love. The flower’s unfolding, from a bud to an open bloom, is reminiscent of love unfolding. Rose oil is calming and benefits symptoms of anxiety, including palpitations. And, the scent of rose oil is comforting and emotionally supportive.

But what if…

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But what if I have a dog? Yes, you can safely use a diffuser with dogs in the house. In fact, dogs can both enjoy and benefit from essential oils if used either in a diffuser or directly on the dog in correct dilution. If you have other small animals in addition to the dog, consider enjoying aromatherapy in other ways than through diffusion.

And how about…

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diffusing lavender into the air to create a wonderfully scented environment that also has a calming effect? There are many diffusers available on the market. Look for one that is quiet, and that uses little or no heat (heating diminishes the oil’s benefits). (Caution: it may not be safe to diffuse essential oils around cats and other small animals.)

So…what about…

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So…what about some of the other benefits of lavender? For example, it is antiseptic. Add a few drops directly into your washing machine  while washing bedding or towels. This is just one way you can use lavender “neat” – that is, undiluted.

The Simplicity and Complexity of Lavender

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Lavender continues to be among the more popular essential oils used in aromatherapy. The reasons are clear – it smells wonderful, is safe to use, and provides many benefits beyond the beautiful scent.
Did you know that “true” lavender is actually good for your skin, and has many additional benefits? One of those benefits is the well known calming effect of Lavandula angustifolia. For adults, add 10 to 12 drops of the essential oil to an ounce of sweet almond oil, and put 6-8 drops of that diluted blend into your bath water as you fill the tub. Yum!

Happy, Healthy New Year

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Wishing you a happy and healthful 2012! The new year is the perfect opportunity to make positive changes to enhance your life and the lives of those you love. Stay tuned this year for new ideas to help you, your family, and your pets thrive. Make this your best year ever!

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