The Heart Connection

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Roses have been associated with the heart for hundreds of years. Aromatherapy helps us to understand the link between the effect of rose on our emotions and popular culture’s association of (red) roses with the heart and with love. The flower’s unfolding, from a bud to an open bloom, is reminiscent of love unfolding. Rose oil is calming and benefits symptoms of anxiety, including palpitations. And, the scent of rose oil is comforting and emotionally supportive.

Roses are Dear

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Rose is a particularly dear (read ” expensive”) essential oil. It takes tens of thousands of roses make just one oz. of essential oil. You  can understand, then, why rose water and synthetic scents are used in many  products instead.

The Month of the Rose

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Welcome to February!                                                      

February is the month we celebrate romantic love on the 14th,  or Valentine’s Day. When we think of this holiday, we think of the color red, of heart-shaped cards and candy boxes, and of roses. This month we will explore rose essential oils and how they can keep us connected with the love in our hearts all year long.

Making Simple Lavender Products for Home

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Because lavender is such a popular and safe essential oil, it is easy to make some simple products to use around the home. We already referred to its disinfecting qualities and suggested a few drops in the washing machine for a fresher wash. But how about some personal products?  Choose a high qualilty unscented white lotion. The more natural/organic the make-up of the lotion, the better. Add 20-24 drops of lavender to 2 ounces. Stir and use as a lovely body lotion. It will smell good and be good for your skin as well.

Be aware that…

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Be aware that not all scents that you would like to have in an essential oil blend are going to be available. Some scents listed on body and other products are synthetic copies of the scent of naturally occuring flowers or plants, but are not actually taken from those plants. As a result, while the scent may be pleasing, the inherent characteristics and benefits of the plant or flower are just not there. Essential oils are taken directly from the plant, and thus contain the energy and therapeutic attributes that nature built into that plant for us to use and enjoy.

More on Lavender

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Lavender has been a favorite scent for anything from bath water to potourris, oils, sachets, bath salts, colognes and perfumes for literally thousands of years. It was used as far back as the Romans in connection with their baths, and its popularity spread throughout Europe thereafter. Because lavender deters moths in addition to smelling so good, it has traditionally been used in the linen closet and in clothing drawers.

Lavender is known for its calming effect, and makes for a relaxing bath at bedtime. It is helpful when used on various skin conditions, including eczema and acne. It is among the safest of the essential oils, and is regarded as one of the most, if not the most, versatile.

How Safe Is It?

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Just how safe is the use of aromatherapy? The quick answer is that it is as safe as the oils that are used, assuming they are correctly diluted and are used according to the instructions for the purpose at hand. While there is a great deal more to the answer, the most important factor is the quality of the oils.

And how about…

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diffusing lavender into the air to create a wonderfully scented environment that also has a calming effect? There are many diffusers available on the market. Look for one that is quiet, and that uses little or no heat (heating diminishes the oil’s benefits). (Caution: it may not be safe to diffuse essential oils around cats and other small animals.)

So…what about…

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So…what about some of the other benefits of lavender? For example, it is antiseptic. Add a few drops directly into your washing machine  while washing bedding or towels. This is just one way you can use lavender “neat” – that is, undiluted.


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