A Rose By Any Other Name

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When we think of roses, we think of a stylized version of this most versatile plant and flower. However, once we start considering the use of roses or any other oil for aromatherapy purposes, we start focusing in on the scientific description – genus and species – to make sure we are working with a consistent product.

When working with essential oils it is of the utmost importance that, not only are our oils pure and unadulterated, but also that they are the oils we intended to use. The oil’s purity is our assurance that it will deliver the characteristics and safety that we expect.  Thus, we look to their botanical names when we work with our trusted supplier.

Surrounded by Roses

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If you love the scent of roses, there are many ways to surround yourself with this romantic, luxurious aroma while also enjoying the benefits of using the essential oil. Make yourself a rose bath. Put 4 drops of rose oil into two teaspoons of a carrier oil such as sweet almond or jojoba. Put 6-8 drops of the blend into your warm bath water and mix well. After your bath, massage just a few drops of the same oil onto your skin on your wrists and chest. Enjoy the wonderful feeling, and the delicious scent.

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